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Applications in Sustainable Technology for Supporting Rooftop Piping & Equipment

This course will teach the positive benefits of rooftop support systems and how to avoid the pitfalls of inadequate design and application. We will identify the reasons that dictate a long term sustainable system, which will maximize the longevity not only of the roofing system, but the equipment and components supported as well.

Who Should Take this Course?

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Surveyors
  • AEC Professionals
  • Roofing Professionals

More About This Course

This course provides in-depth insight into the uses and benefits of pipe and equipment rooftop support applications. It includes discussions on safety issues, installation options, components and assembly, as well as the elements of design and engineering of the supports. Other course highlights,

  • Consequences of inadequate support apparatuses
  • Design process and the options available during each stage
  • Specifying the preparation and installation of an engineered pipe and equipment support system in accordance with CSI 3-Part Master Specification - Section 07 72 00. For a complete list of related sections, click here.
  • Point loading of the roof system, structure, and the long term effects
  • Problems associated with thermal expansion and contraction
  • Violating your roofing system warranty
  • Increasing safety concerns
  • Support methods
  • A one-hour live slide presentation is worth one (1 PDH) hour of Continuing Education Credit (credit designation: LU/HSW)

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About PHP

PHP recognizes that every rooftop environment is different. That’s why we take a completely customized approach to every project, big or small, to ensure our support systems expertly align with the unique requirements of the building specifications. We offer our customer-centric design approach at no additional cost – our way of showing clients that we truly believe in the “build it right” mentality we stand by.
Our end goal is to equip architects, engineers, and building owners with a solution to all their rooftop pipe and equipment support concerns by providing a roof support system they can trust. In doing so, we protect rooftop equipment, thus preserving the building’s structural integrity and providing safer rooftops for the technicians and service personnel that work on them.